Do you have the expertise to get what you want from business deals?

In today’s deal-driven economy, being a brilliant negotiator or a smart business person is not enough.

The Dealmaker Company is, figuratively speaking, the Business School of Dealmaking. By integrating sales, negotiation and consulting knowledge and processes, we develop world class dealmakers.

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               The Henley Masterclass Series                                    Women’s Day Event:                        Essential Business Skills for Every Woman

Featuring sessions by top South African business professionals, this event is designed to empower women to succeed in every facet of life.  Find out what holds you back, how to achieve success by developing your EQ, how best to approach a gender-biased world and how to overcome certain obstacles in business by improving a few critical skills.

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Strictly Come Dealmaking – Part 10

In dealmaking, the close is the point of the whole process. And for dealmakers the reward is money in the bank, and of course the satisfaction of having done a spectacular deal! There are specific steps in dealmaking that need to be followed to ensure the deal closes well and thoroughly.   The consequences of not closing the deal in this way is deal slippage, or even losing the deal altogether, which means going back to the drawing board

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