Revolutionising Sales Results

We transform sales people into world class sales professionals and leaders thereby increasing the profits and revenues of their organisations


Our Sales Revolution Consulting Services equip sales teams with the ability to initiate, develop and close complex deals using measurable and sustainable processes


Our programmes focus on providing participants with the knowledge and processes to maximise and conclude sales, negotiations and business deals more quickly and profitably


Our academy empowers sales leaders to think like CEOs and entrepreneurs; teaches them how to find deals where none seem to exist; and develops “best of breed” sales teams


What we can do for you

We can help to increase your profits and revenues by developing your sales people into industry-leading sales professionals.  Through our consulting and training services, we help organisations to increase market share, achieve sales revenue targets, develop high performing sales teams, de-risk the sales pipeline, and build predictable rates.  With our academy, we  revolutionise and reinvent sales management by empowering sales leaders to think “world class”.

Why Utilise Our Services

Our solutions offer an immediate return on investment; we have a global network of distributors and facilitators; we have international experience across a wide variety of business sectors; and our processes and methodologies can be applied to all aspects of dealmaking, regardless of the complexity.


We have a loyal customer base of over 400 client companies


More than 5000 people have graduated from our programmes


Over 50 experienced professionals in our partner network

What Our Clients Say

Here’s what our clients say about us:

“Muscular content and dynamic facilitating kept me fully engaged throughout. I wish I’d learned those principles years ago”

Judy van Dam
(Managing Director)

Zenith Media

“Certainly one of the best non-technical events I’ve attended. Great content for development and very useful tools to improve my engagement with people”

Mike Robertson (Principal Consultant)

The MSA Group

“Great content, facilitators and attendees. Lots of learning that is relevant and immediately applicable”

Joan Osterloh
(Country Manager, South Africa)

Forrester Research

Sales Revolution Consulting Services

Our Sales Revolution Consulting Services transform the way in which sales are pursued, inspiring innovative approaches to engaging with customers. They help organisations to achieve sales revenue targets, increase market share, de-risk the sales pipeline, build predictable revenue run rates, and develop high performing sales teams.


People Development Programmes

Our programmes focus on enabling participants to maximise and conclude sales, business deals, negotiations and projects more quickly and profitably.  Participating in any programme will result in a quantum leap in selling, negotiating and consulting performance results.

Super-charge your existing negotiating skills and acquire the expertise needed to conclude deals more quickly and profitably.


Learn to really control sales deals and to minimise deal slippage and uncertainty through this programme for sales experts.


Acquire the skills needed to close projects on time and to budget using negotiation and persuasion, for project-centric professionals.


Examine, debate and apply the strategies of world leading dealmakers through this exclusive programme for board-level executives.


Acquire critical dealmaking skills and greater confidence and assertiveness from this business programme, exclusively for women.


Analyse critical deals in real-time and find compelling reasons for customers to sign the deal, with the help of a professional dealmaker.


The Dealtiger™ Sales Leadership Academy

The Dealtiger™ is a specialised medium-term programme that empowers sales leaders to think like CEOs and entrepreneurs. The programme focuses on revolutionising and reinventing sales management; creating sales leaders that others want to work for or hire; teaching participants how to find deals and markets where none seem to exist; creatively selling ideas and innovation; building consistent and predictable forecasts and best-in-industry teams; and much more.


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