Do you have the expertise to get what you want from business deals?

In today’s deal-driven economy, being a brilliant negotiator or a smart business person is not enough.

The Dealmaker Company is, figuratively speaking, the Business School of Dealmaking. By integrating sales, negotiation and consulting knowledge and processes, we develop world class dealmakers.

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Kim Meredith Speaks at SSPCA Fundraiser

Kim Meredith (CEO of The Dealmaker Company) presented a lecture titled “How to negotiate a good deal in a bad economy” at a breakfast fundraiser hosted by the Sandton and Eastern Metro SPCA on Tuesday 21st June.  The fundraiser was held at the SAP Auditorium in Woodmead.  Kim provided the audience with some valuable tips on how to improve personal wealth despite the depressed state of the economy and each guest received a copy of her most recent book, Dealonomics: How You Can Earn More Money in a Bad Economy.

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Strictly Come Dealmaking – Part 10

In dealmaking, the close is the point of the whole process. And for dealmakers the reward is money in the bank, and of course the satisfaction of having done a spectacular deal! There are specific steps in dealmaking that need to be followed to ensure the deal closes well and thoroughly.   The consequences of not closing the deal in this way is deal slippage, or even losing the deal altogether, which means going back to the drawing board

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