The Devil in the Deal

Book Title: The Devil in the Deal: 50 Secrets to Successful Dealmaking

About the book

dealdevilcoverThe Devil in the Deal cunningly reveals the “secrets” of successful dealmaking and ruthlessly exposes the 50 little “devils” that can break a deal.  It is essential reading for anyone wanting to make great deals in the real world, quickly and profitably.

Although this essential guide to dealmaking has been written from a business perspective, it is relevant to all facets of negotiation, persuasion and dealmaking.  Even someone wishing to buy or sell a house will find meaningful advice in this non-gender specific book.  The Devil in the Deal: 50 Secrets to Successful Dealmaking delivers a direct and even amusing approach to dealmaking that provides the reader with practical advice through interesting anecdotes and real-life examples.

As the book has been written by a world-class dealmaker, the content has academic credibility and substance, even though it is an easy read.  The Devil in the Deal: 50 Secrets to Successful Dealmaking is certain to change dealmaking perceptions, providing the tools for readers to achieve success and financial rewards in every sphere of life.

About the Author

Kim Meredith is the Chief Executive Officer of The Dealmaker Company and creator of The Dealmaker™ suite of programmes.  Her excellent reputation as a global dealmaker has seen her consulting to world-class companies across the globe.  Kim’s extensive executive-level experience in business strategy, negotiation and sales stems from the various executive positions that she has held in the corporate world over the years.

In her last corporate role, Kim was Executive Director of Strategy for a Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed Information and Communications Technologies group – a role that saw her actively driving negotiations for mergers, acquisitions and disposals.  She has also held the position of Chairman for a Start-up Revenue Services Internet company, and was a Director of a large UK/European SAP software implementation company.

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Praise for The Devil in the Deal

Ian Mann (Strategy & Leadership Consultant) Gateways Business Consultants
“The book is full of practical gems and sound guidance.  It is an accessible and entertaining way to introduce yourself to the field of deal-making if you are new at it and a valuable refresher for the seasoned”

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