Work Diva

Book Title: Work Diva: How to Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Selling Your Soul

About the book

WorkDivaCoverWork Diva is a practical but fun guide for women who are dealing with a wide range of work-related issues.  It also contains gentle life lessons without being patronising or preachy. The book focuses on the typical obstacles and challenges faced by women when they want to develop themselves and their careers.  ‘Are you a diva or a doormat?'; ‘To breed or not to breed’, and ‘Communication is a diva’s best friend’ are some of the topics covered.

Work Diva: How to Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Selling Your Soul is listed as one of the “Business Books You Should Own”, alongside Richard Branson and Seth Godin, by Africa’s largest e-commerce platform.  It is the antithesis of the ‘boring old business book’ and draws from the author’s own extensive experiences in the business world as well as the opinions of other successful, high-profile business people.

Whether you are just starting out in a career; wish to progress further in your existing occupation; or have found yourself trying to contend with the balance between family and business, Work Diva: How to Climb the Corporate Ladder Without Selling Your Soul will help you to get ahead and reach the pinnacle of success without losing your soul in the process.

About the author

Kim Meredith is an internationally acclaimed lecturer, negotiator and dealmaker, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of The Dealmaker Company and originator of The Dealmaker™ suite of programmes.  She was one of only 179 women on the boards of the top 300 Johannesburg Stock Exchange listed companies. In 2011, Kim was awarded the Business Icon & Entrepreneur Feather AwardShe was also a Finalist in the Businesswoman of the Year Awards held by the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2010.

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Praise for Work Diva

Elizabeth Chamberlain (Doctor) Self-employed
Work Diva is Straight-forward, funny and comprehensive.  If you are 20 something and looking at a corporate career, this is essential reading.  Or if you are half way up that ladder and wondering whether it’s leaning against the wrong wall, you too will find the answers you are looking for”

Priscilla Makwela (Attorney) Former owner of a legal practice
“I have read so many books and Work Diva is one of the best.  It is different from the other books I read, which makes it even more interesting”

Jenna Clifford, Jeweller-Artist and award winning Entrepreneur
“The Work Diva book should be in the hands of every living, breathing woman”

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