Dr Karen Toombs

The Dealmaker Company Programmes – Facilitator

Dr. Karen ToombsDr Karen Toombs is a business consultant specialising in management training and organisational development. In addition to her academic and people development achievements, Karen has held executive positions in the ICT industry for over twenty years. Her passion is assisting people to achieve their full potential through discerning and targeted learning.

Karen has held numerous leadership positions over the years. She has been a Director of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce; Chairperson of the Unisys Africa Pension Fund Board of Trustees; and appointed to the Senate of the Pretoria College of Education. Karen has also been the recipient of various academic achievement awards including the Alma Mater Scholarship for Doctoral Research from the University of South Africa.

In 1982 Karen was appointed lecturer and Head of Departments, Didactics and Educational Technology at a teacher training college. During this time she participated in various task teams involved with curriculum development and wrote 49 Educational Television Programmes for the then Bophutatswana Education Department, in conjunction with BOP TV.

In 1988, Karen was employed as a Senior Researcher at the University of South Africa where she investigated the development of various adult distance-education projects. A year and a half later, she joined the Development Bank of Southern Africa as a Senior Specialist and Head of the Education and Training Specialist Team, participating in large socio-economic transformation projects.

In 1990, Karen established a Corporate College for Unidata. She implemented their human resource development strategies; and provided training in areas relevant to their core competencies and operational development. Once Unisys reinvested in South Africa, the Unidata Corporate College model was utilised as the structural framework for the development of the international Unisys University.

Karen was promoted to Human Resources Manager, and then to Human Resources Director and Senior Business Partner of Unisys Africa in 1999. She also drove programmes integral to the Company’s transformation strategy. When Unisys Corporation withdrew from South Africa in 2012, Karen was appointed to the leadership team that drove the M&A processes.