Paul Keates

The Dealmaker Company Programmes – Head Facilitator

PaulPaul Keates is the Managing Director of Profit Re-Engineering, one of the leading Distributors of The Dealmaker Company programmes.  As a Head Facilitator, Paul shares his extensive business and negotiating knowledge and skills with delegates of The Dealmaker™, The Dealcloser™ and The Dealbuilder™ programmes.

Paul has been a business owner for over twenty-seven years.  His career began with IBM – the organisation that he credits for his work ethic.  Paul considers his ten year period at IBM to be his higher education, as the company was light years ahead of its time in terms of developing its human capital.

In 1984 Paul and a partner left IBM to start SBS Africa, a company that grew into the largest independently owned national Information and Communications Technologies company in South Africa in just a few years.  Paul controlled and coordinated the various aspects of SBS, consulted to and audited the broader operations, as well as evaluated and directed all major organisational changes.  In addition, he negotiated the major business contracts and arbitrated the business and labour disputes.

Over the years Paul has extended his expertise to include formulating organisational direction, developing business strategies and action plans, setting and sustaining standards of quality and excellence, as well as leading large teams of individuals.

In keeping with his entrepreneurial nature, Paul started another IT company in 2003, choosing to be more involved in the marketing and consulting side of the business this time.

His outstanding reputation and diplomatic yet assertive style precipitated the approach from The Dealmaker Company to join the group’s Facilitation team.

When Paul is not engaged in business or delivering The Dealmaker Company programmes, he enjoys spending time improving his physical well-being.

Melissa Powell – Business Manager of a prominent South African banking institute
“Paul is a people’s person; he listens, provides constructive feedback and keeps the class interested”

Mike Okwechime (Account Executive) SAP Nigeria
“Paul is an experienced dealmaker”