Executive Overview

What is the cost of poor dealmaking to your company?
  • ExecutiveOverviewHow much value does your organisation lose every day through unnecessary discounts and concessions?
  • If you could add 10% to your profitability, revenue or market share, what impact would this have on your business?
  • Is your team in control when it comes to closing down deals or projects – or do close dates keep slipping?

The Dealmaker Company is not a training organisation as such. Our key objective is to systematically show sales, negotiation and project teams the behaviours that enable them to conclude deals profitably and on time. In the current market, controlling and closing value-driven deals is a critical success factor.

Our fundamental raison d’être is increasing profitability and revenues.

Using our War Room processes, we recently helped a large software company to close a critical, politically fraught deal two weeks before their half year results needed to be finalised. We also assisted a strategic division of a listed company to move from 60% to 105% of their sales target in time to meet their financial year end forecast.

Although not suitable for entry-level candidates, The Dealmaker Company programmes are ideal for people and teams in a position to make a meaningful and measurable contribution to company results. Our interventions have been developed for business-orientated participants, and are thus comparable to those of any international Business School.