How does The Dealmaker Company achieve improved business results?

The Dealmaker Company focuses on closing deals, projects – anything that impacts an organisation’s profitability and revenues through programmes that differ substantially from other development interventions. The Dealmaker Company is essentially a profit re-engineering organisation.

Our suite of strategic-level business programmes centre on the transfer of critical dealmaking behaviour, knowledge and processes. These globally applicable closing skills enable business people to maximise and profitably conclude sales, negotiation and project-driven deals.

Although each The Dealmaker Company programmes stands independent of the others, they are integrally linked. The different programmes are designed to address the specific levels of seniority and experience of individual delegates. Participating in any one of our interventions will result in a quantum leap in selling, negotiating and consulting performance and results.

The Dealmaker Company programmes are available English, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch.

The Dealmaker Company programmes concentrate on behavioural skills and systematic processes. Proven learning techniques are used to reinforce programme theory and change behaviour though the Unconscious Incompetence ► Unconscious Competence model. All The Dealmaker Company programmes are didactically sound.

The standard programmes can be customised to create courses that include cases and examples that relate directly to a company’s specific business practices and industry.

For larger corporations, The Dealmaker Company offers development academies or internal universities. These tailor-made, long term development institutions include the initial programmes and process implementations, as well as strategically timed follow-up sessions. Each event is reinforced by our unique War Rooms. This approach ensures a balance between academia and the real world.

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