The Dealbuilder™ Programme


The Dealbuilder™ programme facilitates the unlocking of the dealmaking skills with which individuals are born

eskimoThe Dealbuilder™ is a two day programme that assists individuals in closing deals by developing dealmaking skills and confidence.  Participants are also coached in using negotiation, persuasion, communication and power to maximum effect, ultimately resulting in an improvement of personal and business results.

The programme is ideal for less experienced sales and procurement people, customer interfacing individuals, new graduates and small business owners.  Programme outcomes and benefits are reinforced with case simulations during which delegates receive personal coaching and feedback from world-class dealmakers.

The Dealbuilder™ is available as a Private (exclusive to a specific group) programme. It is possible to customise the content for specific companies. The number of delegates per programme is typically 16 people with two Facilitators, or eight delegates and one Facilitator.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealbuilder™ programme, delegates will:

  • Have recaptured their lost dealmaking life skills and know what is required of them to achieve business and personal deals
  • Be able to utilise negotiation, persuasion, communication and other essential tools to close the deals they want
  • Appreciate the importance of power and information in a deal
  • Have greater insight into the role played by behaviour in successful dealmaking
  • Be on the path to achieving important business and personal financial goals

Rowan Whelan – Former Key Account Manager of a global telecommunications company
“Been to many courses – this has to be the one course where I definitely will use everything”

Katlego Kungwane (Graduate) SAP
“The coaches were of the highest standard.  The course was worth the time and money invested”


For more information contact Charmaine Nortman on 011 025 3717/6 or email

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