The Dealcloser™ Programme


The Dealcloser™ programme is guaranteed to give sales professionals the competitive edge for successfully closing deals

dealcloser_imageThe Dealcloser™ is a two day programme designed to enhance the deal-closing expertise of sales professionals and equip them with the skills to minimise deal slippage and uncertainty.

By improving the closing capabilities of customer-interfacing people, companies can control and increase the close rates of their sales teams.  Reducing time to closure and deal slippage gives organisations far greater control over their business results, particularly revenues and market share.

The Dealcloser™ programme’s emphasis on value-driven solution sales and executive-level selling strategies ensures that the ability of delegates to control and close large, important deals is significantly enhanced.

The theory of the course is supported by practical workshops throughout the programme.  Real sales from the delegates’ work environments are used.  The number of delegates per programme is typically 16 people with two Facilitators, or eight delegates and one Facilitator.  This ensures that each individual receives personal coaching and attention.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealcloser™ programme, delegates will:

  • Understand how to use a one-sheet sales process to maximise strategic planning and have control over important transactions
  • Move seamlessly between selling and negotiating to maximise deal worth
  • Be able to position value conversations at the highest levels and interface more appropriately with key decision-makers
  • Understand when and how to up-sell and cross-sell
  • Recognise when to qualify out of deals that have little or no value
  • Close sales-driven deals in a shorter time period to increase revenues

Key Learning Points

  • Reviewing sales deal objectives (closing which deal, by when, for what value?)
  • Ascertaining the customer’s pain, reasons for that pain, the impact of that pain on their business – which expose the customer’s compelling reasons to buy (in line with the point above)
  • Checking the customer’s power bases, and the sales person’s coverage of these bases and the buying centre (decision makers and influencers)
  • Identifying the real decision maker
  • Creating meaningful business and personal value propositions for each buying influence and decision maker
  • Examining competitor positioning and strategies
  • Doing a SWOT analysis on how to close the deal
  • Brainstorming the next steps to capitalise on strengths and opportunities, and overcome weaknesses and threats
  • Choosing definitive next steps of action to close the deal

Rensche van der Merwe (Strategic Account Manager) Bytes Specialised Solutions

“Practical advice that can be implemented and remembered”

Thurston James – Executive Head of a large telecommunications network operator
“The programme is relevant to the sales environment, made so through the use of practical examples delivered by business people.  The programme materials were of the highest standard”


For more information contact Charmaine Nortman on 011 025 3717/6 or email

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