The Dealdiva™ Programme


The Dealdiva™ programme empowers women to become more confident and proficient dealmakers

DealdivaThe Dealdiva™ is a business orientated programme for women only. It is a powerful and stimulating two day programme which imparts critical skills to delegates via a combination of lectures, workshops and individual coaching.  The Dealdiva™ offers significant benefits in that the outputs of the programme directly, positively and immediately impact business results.

Research shows that women have fallen far behind their male counterparts in terms of dealmaking expertise. The Dealdiva™ programme has been developed to address the negotiation challenges and obstacles women face in business on a daily basis.

The Dealdiva™ programme is suitable for women with any level of business, sales or negotiation experience. Typical delegates on the programmes range from customer or supplier-interfacing staff to experienced executives and entrepreneurs. Specific attention is paid to helping delegates build their personal and business confidence.

The Dealdiva™ is available as an Open (i.e. open to the public) or Private (exclusive to a specific group) programme.

The number of delegates per programme is 16 people with two Facilitators, or eight delegates and one Facilitator.  This ensures that every attendee receives personal coaching and attention.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealdiva™ programme, delegates will have:

  • Their self-confidence boosted and self-esteem restored
  • Recaptured lost dealmaking instincts and life skills
  • Used negotiation more effectively to get the deals they want
  • Gained more insight into the roles communication and behaviour play in dealmaking
  • An understanding of how to create and adjust the power play in a deal by focusing on simple sources of power
  • Planned, executed and closed a deal like an expert

Nthabiseng Nyamane – Gijima

“It was the most wonderful experience ever.  I learned so much about myself and I was with a great group of women who’ve made it through tough situations and are top honchos at their companies and departments.  I met a few single mums who kick butt each day and support their families.  Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to attend the course.  I have always thought of myself as a “doormat” but after the second day, the ladies said that I have a “driver” behavior hidden and they saw it a couple of times.  The environment that I was in opened my eyes to seeing that I can achieve so much more than I thought I was capable of doing”

Elba van Zyl – IT Consultant and Business Owner
“Really one of (if not) the best courses I have ever attended!  It gave me so much especially running my own company.  Everything is done in style and really makes one feel like a lady and proud to be a woman”

Nomzamo Khanyile (Group Public Relations Manager) PPC Ltd.
“The Dealdiva™ is a great programme.  It’s worth attending by all women irrespective of role or position”


For more information contact Charmaine Nortman on 011 025 3717/6 or email 

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