The Dealguru™ Programme


The Dealguru™ programme is guaranteed to transform business leaders into world-class dealmakers


Programme dates: Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th November 2017

The Dealguru™ is an exclusive two day programme that provides business leaders with the platform to examine, debate and apply the strategies of world-class negotiators and dealmakers.

With participation limited to executive decision-makers, delegates are able to hone their dealmaking expertise to the highest possible level in the shortest period of time.  In addition, participants are provided with an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals whilst challenging their own knowledge and ideas.

The programme competes directly with Business School MBA modules and focuses on advanced negotiation and the maximisation of business transactions – in particular the dealmaking expertise required for mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and similar large deals.

The Dealguru™ is available as an Open (i.e. open to the public) or Private (exclusive to a specific group) programme.

The number of delegates per programme is limited to eight executives with two Master Facilitators. This guarantees that each delegate receives personal coaching and attention.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealguru™ programme, delegates will:

  • Understand the proficiency of world-class dealmakers
  • Have their current dealmaking competency significantly enhanced through working with other “C” level executives in syndicates and discussion forums
  • Apply this improved expertise to a complex business transaction, supported by personal coaching from international dealmakers
  • Network with select, like-minded corporate leaders

Graham Braby (Divisional Chief Executive: Ports and Terminals) Grindrod
“The Dealguru™ is one of the most practical and useful courses I have attended”

Niezaam Davids (Former Chief Officer: Strategy and M&A) Vodacom
“Strong practical orientation – simple steps to improve negotiation driven skills and tactics”


For more information contact Charmaine Nortman on 011 025 3717/6 or email 

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