The Dealmaker Academy™

Progressive solutions to driving business results for organisations

thumbsupThe Dealmaker Academy™ is a highly customised series of programmes that have been modified to address the unique and specific requirements of an organisation.  The Academy can be tailored to meet the business challenges faced by all departments within an enterprise.

Academy programmes are focused on achieving business results – specifically improving profitability and increasing revenues.  They can be implemented to up-skill individuals, acculturate new employees, integrate teams, or improve the level at which individuals interact with decision-makers and other stakeholders.

The Dealmaker Academy™ comprises a set of formal development programmes and practical sessions which bring the course theory to life.  The Academy is designed in phases which are introduced over a period of time.  These can range from six months to three years, depending on the needs of the business.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealmaker Academy™, delegates will have:

  • Implemented tried and tested business strategies and processes
  • Seen a significant improvement in their dealmaking abilities
  • The ability to position and close deals at the highest possible levels
  • An understanding of the importance of pre-planning and constantly reviewing deals with a strategic road map in mind
  • A greater measure of confidence in forecasting and managing deals that are critical to the organisation’s success
  • A positive impact on organisational revenues and profitability

Gabriel Ramharuk – Channel Manager of a large telecommunications company
“I found the programmes to be well designed, with a logical flow to the order in which the various modules were covered.  The experienced facilitators added immense value to topics that could easily have been just theoretical assumptions.  Real life examples added credibility to the content and the role plays challenged the delegates to think outside the box and indeed led to much self-discovery along the way.  I look forward to the continued evolution of the programmes.”