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Dealonomics: How You Can Earn More Money In A Bad Economy

With the depressed state of the economy, companies are not giving much in the way of increases, vacant positions are not being filled, and contracts are not being awarded or renewed. How can individuals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and homemakers make the best of a bad situation?  Armed with the same expert level of dealmaking skills as the captains of industry, you too can substantially improve your personal wealth and financial future.  Dealonomics will equip you with the world class dealmaking expertise you need to get the income you want.


The Devil In the Deal: 50 Secrets To Successful Dealmaking

The most successful people on any list have one dynamic in common – they are all dealmakers. The Devil in the Deal reveals the 50 secrets that make deals, as well as the 50 devils that break them, in the real world.  It debunks the myths, mysteries and chaotic theories surrounding dealmaking, thereby enabling you to acquire the expertise you need to become a world class dealmaker.  Lively personal anecdotes and real-life examples make this a highly entertaining read, while practical steps and up-to-date expert advice will light the way for you to hold your own in any deal, with anyone, about anything.


Deal Diva: How To Negotiate Your Way To Success Without Selling Your Soul

The fact is that women don’t know how to get what they want.  In short, they do not know how to negotiate.  Deal Diva will arm you with the negotiating expertise that will allow you to hold your own in business and in life.  From persuading your five-year-old to go to bed on time to getting the best price on a new car or closing a multimillion-rand business deal, the principles and processes in this book can be applied both at home and in the workplace. With invaluable advice from successful, high-profile women you will be equipped to make your way in whatever field you choose and get the deals you want.


Work Diva: How To Climb The Corporate Ladder Without Selling Your Soul

Work Diva is your practical but entertaining guide on how to cope with a wide range of work-related issues, while imparting gentle life lessons in the process.  You will learn about the unique obstacles and challenges you will face as a woman in the workplace, whether you are:

– Just starting out in a career but want to learn about the pitfalls of corporate life
– In a career but want to progress further
– Already successful but want to polish your skills and learn new ones