Sales Revolution Consulting Services

Hit sales revenue targets and increase your market share

Our Sales Revolution Consulting Services encompass custom-built business interventions designed to meet the needs of each customer.  Facilitated in the customer’s workspace, they take the form of an interim sales director being added to the sales team.

Delivered by our C-level executives, these coaching-type interventions equip sales people, sales managers and other organisational revenue generators with the ability to initiate, develop and close complex deals using measurable and sustainable processes.  Each participant in a programme receives personal coaching and mentoring throughout the project.

These services transform the way in which sales are pursued, inspiring innovative approaches to engaging with customers.  They help organisations to:

  • Achieve sales revenue targets
  • Increase market share
  • De-risk the sales pipeline
  • Build predictable revenue run rates
  • Develop high performing sales teams

Central to our Sales Revolution Consulting services are strategic deal reviews – robust sessions that provide sales people and their managers with the means to scrutinise real-life deals that are reaching the close phase, minimising potential slippage or loss.

Sales Revolution Consulting Services Outline

In performing the “interim sales director” function, we:

  • Create, develop and implement high level sales strategies
  • Coach and mentor those in sales, management and operations to originate, drive and close sales
  • Develop the dealmaking and negotiating skills of customer-facing people
  • Source the best possible sales or sales management talent
  • Use strategic deal reviews and action plans effectively
  • Implement systems to provide ongoing feedback to the executive team
  • Meet targets through innovative approaches to revenue generation
  • Build meaningful relationships with the highest level of decision makers, influencers and stakeholders
  • Create value-driven, “compelling reasons” to sign deals for each customer
  • Leverage experts, networks, relationships and partners to drive deals that benefit all parties

Duration of programme: Six to 12 months.

Number of delegates per programme: From five to 50 people.