People Development Programmes

Mastering the art of dealmaking is what transforms an everyday company into a world-leading business

Our programmes are especially designed for people engaging in high value or complex deals.  The programmes focus on transferring critical behaviours, knowledge and processes to participants, enabling them to maximise and conclude sales, negotiations and projects more quickly and profitably.

Participating in any one of our programmes will result in a quantum leap in selling, negotiating and consulting performance and results.

The Dealmaker Company Programmes

The Dealmaker™ 

The Dealmaker™ programme developed for middle and senior management, enhances the existing negotiating skills of participants, enabling them to conclude deals more quickly and profitably.
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The Dealcloser™ 

The Dealcloser™ programme improves the value-selling abilities of senior sales people and equips them with the skills required to control sales-driven deals and minimise deal slippage and uncertainty.
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The Resultchanger™ 

The Resultchanger™ programme empowers project-centric professionals such as engineers, accountants, consultants and project managers with the skills needed to close projects on time and to budget.
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The Dealguru™ 

The Dealguru™ programme provides business leaders and executive decision makers with a platform to examine, debate and apply the strategies of world class dealmakers.
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The Dealdiva™ 

The Dealdiva™ programme addresses the negotiating challenges faced by women in business and imparts to participants the tactics and strategies needed to become skilled deal closers.
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The Dealcloser Strategic Accounts™

The Dealcloser Strategic Accounts™ programme gives sales people, sales leaders and executives the tools and expertise needed to understand, define and action plans for mission-critical accounts, and execute these plans with the support of all stakeholders.
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Relationship Management Programme

Our Relationship Management Programme empowers employees with the skills to effectively manage internal and external business relationships, thereby improving productivity which ultimately translates into better business results.
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War Rooms 

Our War Rooms enable sales people and their managers to analyse critical deals in real-time to determine potential slippage or loss and find compelling reasons for customers to on the dotted line with the help of a professional dealmaker.
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