Relationship Management Programme

Relationship Management Programme

Building solid relationships for lasting success

The Dealmaker Company’s Relationship Management Programme enables delegates to manage mutually beneficial business relationships more effectively, resulting in improved customer, supplier and colleague relations, which translates into higher productivity and ultimately an increase in profits and revenues.

The programme focuses on elements essential to managing relationships such as:

1. Effective communication with different cultures, seniority levels and groups
2. Understanding the way in which customers, suppliers and colleagues perceive value
3. Planning and managing interactions with stakeholders
4. Understanding the power of relationships and their impact on decision making

In addition to advancing the business expertise of delegates, the programme creates a positive shift in their thinking relative to communication, partnering and sustainable value. A Facilitator will observe and assess delegates during the programme which will include interactive discussions and exercises, syndicate work with peer input and feedback, and self-assessment.

Learning is entrenched with post-course homework that is based on applying the programme theory to a real-life business case selected by each delegate.

Programme Outline

Our Relationship Management Programme will enable delegates to:

  • Define the different types of transactions and relationships in business
  • Be more customer-centric by better understanding individual needs and wants
  • Determine and create sustainable value for all stakeholders in business transactions
  • Understand the relative power across relationships and how to adjust this to level playing fields or maximise advantages
  • Leverage the different types of communication to improve personal interactions
  • Recognise and effectively manage decision makers and influencers in business dealings
  • Assess their own behaviour and that of others’; and adjust their own behaviour to complement the behaviour of others in order to develop mutually beneficial conversations

Duration of programme: One day.

Number of delegates per programme: six to 16 delegates. Larger groups can be accommodated, provided that all delegates are from the same organisation.