The Dealcloser Strategic Accounts™

The Dealcloser Strategic Accounts™

Empowering sales teams and leaders to acquire mission-critical accounts

The Dealcloser Strategic Accounts™ programme aims to give sales people, leaders and executives the tools and expertise needed to understand, define and action plans for mission-critical accounts, and execute these plans with the support of all stakeholders.

The programme is designed for companies needing strategic perspectives and action plans to pursue and grow new or existing accounts in order to open markets and better meet key business objectives. If required, the starting point can be market segmentation, through defining targets, to acquisition strategies.

The emphasis of the programme is on aligning the value sought by customers with the results required by the selling organisation. The focus is the interplay of external and internal factors and drivers that need to be considered when pursuing new logos.

Participants bring to the programme a current or proposed account that is used throughout the programme to apply and reinforce the theory.

Each participant leaves the programme with a fully developed strategic plan that can be implemented immediately for one of their key accounts.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of the programme delegates will have:

  • Segmented their markets (if required)
  • Identified target accounts
  • Set a long term vision for one account
  • Set short term goals for the account
  • Defined objectives based on the goals
  • Identified their selling differentiators and competitive advantages, and linked these to customised value propositions
  • Identified the resources they require to achieve the objectives for the account
  • Started to develop potential sales opportunities within the target account
  • Finalised a SWOT analysis to drive the next steps for the account

Duration of programme: 1 or 2 Days

Number of delegates per programme: Maximum of 10