The Dealdiva™ Programme

The Dealdiva™

Creating confident women dealmakers

The Dealdiva™ is a powerful and stimulating programme that addresses the negotiating challenges and obstacles women in business face on a daily basis. The programme imparts critical dealmaking skills to women through a combination of lectures, workshops and individual coaching. Specific attention is paid to helping delegates build their confidence and assertiveness.

The Dealdiva™ directly, positively and immediately impacts business results. The programme is suitable for women with any level of business, sales or negotiation experience. Delegates range from customer or supplier-interfacing staff, to experienced executives and entrepreneurs.

Programme Outline

The Dealdiva™ examines critical dealmaking skills for women, including:

  • How increasing self-worth leads to better deals
  • Understanding why women undersell themselves in deals and how to correct this
  • Dealmaking vs selling vs negotiating
  • Creating power in deals especially where the other party seems to hold all the cards
  • Own behavioural analysis – its passivity, aggression and impact on assertiveness
  • Planning for and managing face-to-face encounters, and closing deals

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealdiva™ programme, delegates will:

  • Have a greater sense of self-worth
  • Have recaptured lost dealmaking instincts
  • Have achieved measurable shifts in levels of negotiating
  • Know exactly what is needed to get the deals wanted
  • Understand the roles communication, behavior and confidence play in dealmaking
  • Understand how to create and adjust the power balance in deals
  • Be on the road to achieving business and personal goals for life

Duration of programme: 2 days.

Number of delegates per programme: 16 people with two Facilitators, or eight delegates and one Facilitator.