The Dealmaker™ Programme

The Dealmaker™

Cutting-edge negotiation skills for experienced dealmakers

The Dealmaker™ programme addresses the negotiating and dealmaking challenges faced by individuals in results-driven organisations. By equipping these individuals with advanced negotiating expertise, profitability can be substantially protected and improved.

The Dealmaker™ enhances the existing negotiating skills of delegates by providing the knowledge and processes needed to excel in all facets of dealmaking, particularly negotiating and concluding deals more quickly and effectively.

The programme also assists companies in adopting more innovative and strategic approaches to business deals, thereby enabling them to better protect and grow their profit margins. The Dealmaker™ is suitable for middle and senior levels of management, procurement, sales professionals, and all profit-impacting individuals.

Programme Outline

The Dealmaker™ examines key dealmaking aspects such as:

  • Dealmaking vs Selling vs Negotiating
  • Finding and leveraging power
  • Understanding what the other person values and using this to close deals beneficial to both parties
  • Planning – intelligently using information; creating ball parks; building negotiating teams; and analysing the other team’s behaviour
  • Face-to-Face – rules of engagement; structuring, getting and giving proposals; and maximising communication processes
  • Closing – recognising when to close deals; creating and breaking deadlock; and dealing with difficult dealmakers

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealmaker™ programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Integrate selling with negotiation and move seamlessly between the two
  • Maximise business deals through the effective application of a repeatable methodology
  • Use a one-page process to exploit negotiation planning and gain big-picture perspective
  • Have more control over important deals and decisions
  • Achieve measurable shifts in the level of their dealmaking skills, and sustain these behavioural shifts long term
  • Protect and increase the financial wealth of businesses

Duration of programme: Two days.

Number of delegates per programme: 12 to 16 delegates with two Facilitators, or six to eight delegates with one Facilitator.