The Resultchanger™ Programme

The Resultchanger™

Superior results for project-driven people

The Resultchanger™ is a game-changing programme that empowers project-centric professionals such as consultants, auditors, engineers and project managers with the skills required to:

1. Contend with profitability and revenue targets that are operationally driven
2. Ensure that projects and assignments are concluded speedily and on budget

The Resultchanger™ helps delegates to adopt the dealmaking thinking and behaviours required to achieve high-impact results. It equips delegates with rainmaking and persuasion skills, cutting-edge dealmaking and negotiation expertise.

Learning is facilitated by expert dealmakers and the programme’s theory is supported by case studies and real project cases from the work environments of delegates. The Resultchanger™ also gives participants insight into the sales-mind thereby enabling participants to identify new opportunities for their organisation.

Programme Outline

The Resultchanger™ examines key dealmaking skills such as:

  • The impact of compromise vs flexibility in project outcomes
  • Value conversations – how to get sign- off on projects, changes, scopes, blueprints, etc.
  • Increasing one’s power using information, relationships and networks, etc.
  • Choosing and using team members to close deals
  • Customer power bases, decision makers and influencers
  • Analysing the other party’s behaviour and its impact on the project
  • Preparing for face to face encounters
  • Using SWOT analyses to control the different elements in projects
  • Choosing definitive steps of action to close projects

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Resultchanger™ programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Negotiate new projects and modify existing contracts
  • Communicate, network and engage with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders to maximum effect
  • Balance business judgement with technical excellence, shifting between “technical” and “business” modes as required
  • Reach milestones and move projects forward to conclusion more quickly
  • Increase the revenues and profitability of consulting-orientated projects
  • Identify potential new sources of income
  • Understand the executive decisions and political power bases that influence the approvals in projects

Duration of programme: Two days.

Number of delegates per programme: 12 to 16 delegates with two Facilitators, or six to eight delegates with one Facilitator.