War Rooms

War Rooms

Reduce risk in the close rates of crucial deals

Analyse critical deals in real-time with the help of a professional dealmaker to determine potential slippage or loss. Find compelling reasons for customers to sign on the dotted line.

The Dealmaker Company War Rooms provide individuals with the means to review large, complex or crucial deals in just over an hour. Suitable for deals that are reaching the close phase, War Rooms are robust sessions designed to scrutinise specific deals in order to assess whether they could potentially slip or be lost. War Rooms can also be used for loss reviews.

Our War Rooms allow participants to review their deals without painstaking preparation and administration. The sessions provide managers with the opportunity to get meaningful insight into the deals for which they are ultimately answerable. Each War Room is facilitated by a senior The Dealmaker Company executive.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of the War Room, participants will have systematically reviewed an important deal to determine the action items to:

  • Identify potential weaknesses in the sales approach
  • Reduce any risk around the deal; and
  • Close the deal by a specific date

Duration of programme: 1 ½ Hour or 3 Hour Sessions.

Number of delegates per programme: Minimum of four and a maximum of eight delegates with one Facilitator.