The Dealmaker™ Programme


The Dealmaker™ programme guarantees an increase in the profitability of business deals

hand-shakeThe Dealmaker™ is either a two or two and a half day programme that addresses the negotiating and dealmaking challenges faced by individuals and organisations.  The programme enhances the negotiating expertise of individuals by providing the processes and knowledge needed to excel in all facets of dealmaking.

Improving the ability of customer-interfacing people to negotiate and conclude deals with greater speed and effectiveness means that profitability increases substantially.

The Dealmaker™ also assists companies in adopting more innovative and strategic approaches to business deals, thereby enabling them to protect and grow their profit margins.

The Dealmaker™ is available as an Open (i.e. open to the public) or Private (exclusive to a specific group) programme.  It is possible to customise the content for Private programmes.

The theory of the course is supported by case simulations and practical workshops throughout the programme.  The number of delegates per programme is generally 16 people with two Facilitators, or eight delegates and one Facilitator.  This ratio ensures that every delegate receives personal coaching and attention.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of The Dealmaker™ programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Maximise business deals through the effective application of the programme’s repeatable methodology
  • Use a one-page process to exploit negotiation planning, gain big-picture perspective and have control over important deals and decisions
  • Achieve measurable shifts in the level of their dealmaking skills, and sustain these behavioural shifts in the long term
  • Integrate selling and negotiation and move seamlessly between the two
  • Protect and increase their financial wealth, as well as that of their organisation

key learning pointS

  • Understanding dealmaking vs selling vs negotiating
  • Considering BATNA (Best Alternative To No Agreement) relative to dealmaking
  • Examining “power” and how to create power in dealmaking
    • Intelligently using information, questions and listening
    • Creating a Ball Park within which to strike the deal
    • Building a team for the deal
    • Analysing the behavioural styles of the other party’s team
    • Rules of engagement
    • Using “argument” to build a case for the deal
    • Structuring, getting and giving proposals
    • Moving from a bargaining position
    • Maximising communication in dealmaking
    • Recognising when to close a deal
    • Creating and breaking deadlock
    • Dealing with difficult dealmakers
  • Applying the theory of the programme to the real world

Gerry Labuschagne (Field Sales Manager) Adcock Ingram
“I learned a lot about myself and have acquired a new set of skills, making this the best learning event I’ve attended”

Peter Hunter (Regional Manager: Cape) Novell
“Provided me with a valuable framework for how to manage any negotiation process and achieve a successful outcome”


For more information contact Charmaine Nortman on 011 025 3717/6 or email

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